The Vacation to Hell (and back!): Part 2

Here's the next installment of my horrible vacation saga, if you missed the first part please go here.

Tuesday we decided to head to Sonic for lunch, the kids loved it! Always a hit to go there with Rachel, but for Dylan it was all new even though he’s been to the beach 2 times before. It was really neat to see how excited he was about everything! After lunch Sean’s Aunt calls and asks us to come down. The guys had gone golfing and were back. We pack up and head down there. It was great to hang out with everyone and have a few beers on the beach while the kids played. Dylan started crying that he wanted a gumball and it got worse and worse. Finally Sean decided to run him to the Dollar Store and get him some damn gumballs! At this same time I went inside to put Grace down for a nap. I heard him outside as he left with Dylan. By the time Grace was asleep Sean and Dylan had returned. We swam for a while more and then it was time to make dinner. Sean’s cousin and I went out front for a while to talk and I casually asked where Sean had parked since I was inside when he came back. Amy told me he parked behind her car. Well, I didn’t see it, so I asked if she was sure. She said yeah, but headed to the driveway to see. We both looked up and down the street. She then said, “Well maybe it was towed, was it blocking the sidewalk?” I didn’t know so I asked Sean.

He tells me he parked behind Amy’s car. I told him it wasn’t there. He ran out to look. SHOCK. It was gone. His Aunt called the towing company. Nope, they didn’t tow it. She calls the PD, no, they didn’t tow it. The police show up to get a report. My fucking car was stolen! In broad daylight, on a very exclusive part of a private beach. What the fuck. The rest of the night is a blur. I’d been drinking, now my car has been stolen. I have to remember what credit cards I had in my purse, what else was in my car, call the insurance company, figure out what the fuck happens next.

OK, so Tuesday night is spent calling credit card companies, State Farm, etc. We also called my mom and Sean’s mom, and I think I talked to Sam that night too. (Sorry Sam, I was a mess and didn’t know what to do!). The next morning I have to figure out what to do first. I called SF for some guidance as to what to do next. More good news. MY car doesn’t have rental coverage, but for some reason Sean’s car does? Yay! The lady was nice and said she’d see what she could do. Calls back, they’ll pay $25/day for a rental. So it ended up we paid 50/50. One crisis taken care of! Next we wait for the guy to pick Sean up so we can fill out the paperwork and get the rental van. (Our only choice w/3 kids, they had no SUVs w/3rd row seating.) Sean gets the van and comes back. Now it’s my turn. I had asked SF if I should just get some seats to get us home and then get the new ones I want, or just get them here. She tells me that I should get the ones I wanted now b/c they’ll only reimburse one set. OK. I decide to check Wally World first, but have a back up plan to go to BRU. The whole time I thinking to myself, “Shit. This is 2 majorly bad things, what’s next? Is one of my kids going to get hurt?” I was scared, on edge, just a wreck. At WalMart they had a really good selection of carseats, so I again called Sam (sorry! Thanks, you were such a help!) We discussed the different seats and I went w/the Evenflo Triumph for Grace and the Alpha Omega Elite for Dylan and a booster for Rachel, Cosco I think? Headed back to the condo.

Sean had decided to try to make everyone feel better and had gotten tickets to go see Medieval Times that night. This is the highlight of the trip for Rachel every year, so we felt obliged to go. The kids seemed to have a really good time. It helped a little bit, but I still was thinking about my interview w/SF the next day. I was still upset over my car. At this point I was feeling like even if it was found, I didn’t want it. I felt so violated. Sick to my stomach. We head back to the condo and watched TV, etc.