Bloggy Giveaways Carnival!!

It's finally here! My very first bloggy giveaway. I am joining a long list of other bloggers who are participating in the quarterly Bloggy Giveaways Carnival.

To celebrate this occasion, I am offering up a Toys "R" Us/Babies "R" Us gift card valued at $20.00!!

To enter this Bloggy Giveaway, simply:

  • Leave a comment on THIS POST telling me what your child's favorite toy is, or your favorite baby gift.
  • Make sure as you enter, that I have a way to get in touch with you via a working email address.
  • Giveaway is open to those living in the USA only.
  • After I email you, you have three days to email me in return with the address I am to mail the card in order to get it to you. If you do not respond within three days, I will choose another winner.
  • Winner will be chosen by using integer generator.
  • Have fun!
Contest ends Sunday night(April 27, 2008) at 11PM EST. I will announce the winner on Monday morning.

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  1. Webkinz!!! Thanks!!!

  2. No babies for us yet- hopefully soon! My favorite gift to give though is those hooded towels...too cute!

  3. My favorite baby gift we got was a green and gold turtle (stuffed animal) It is soo cute and soft

  4. Hi!!! I love Toys r Us!!
    Great Giveaway!

  5. I am pregnant now with my third, so my favorite baby gift are diapers are clothes!

  6. I want a baby activity center for my new baby I am adopting!!! Yah Me!!!

  7. Tristan loves his play cell phone that lights up and he just laughs!!


  8. my fave baby gift is a diaper cake!


    ndisilvio at gmail dot com

  9. What a great giveaway!! My 4 year olds favorite toy is CARS stuff and his new bike! My 10 months likes to play with anything that is not his toys...:)

  10. My youngest has this "Doggie". It's a pink stuffed dog and I know that the second we lose him the world will shatter to a million pieces.

  11. My princess is loving her Fisher Price Dollhouse right now.

    Kristi McDaniel

  12. What a great giveaway! I have 3 boys and they are really into Legos right now. Thanks!

  13. I have 4 little girls - their favorite toys are anything Dora or High School Musical. LOL

  14. My daughter loves the Melissa and Doug alphabet nesting blocks. She plays with them nearly every day.

  15. My daughter's fav toy is her sandbox :)

  16. My daughter's favorite toy right now is anything related to The Little Mermaid. However, her all time favorite thing is probably her Taggie Blanket.

  17. My favorite baby gift is one of those soft, fuzzy blankets with the silky boarder. I love that!

    alaskawildrose AT

  18. my son loves his exersaucer. he spends lots of tine there while i cook.

  19. WooHoo our 2 fav stores! My children seem to love their toy kitchen. Hours of play in such a simple toy. SHows the power of the immagination


  20. #1!! I hope that is the lucky number. My son's favorite toy is probably Mr. Snuggles his stuffed elephant. He squeals and hugs it close whenever he sees it! :) This is such a great giveaway! Thank you.

  21. my bebe pod a bumbo!

  22. Wow! This is cool. Hmm... my little girl's favorite toy would have to be Barbies. If I win, this will make Ella's day!

    My email is

  23. My daughter's favorite toy is a baby doll stroller, she takes her babies on walks every day. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. My daughter's favorite toy is her wooden castle (Melissa & Doug). Thanks for this giveaway!

  25. Isabel loves her Sit n Spin.

  26. My favorite toy is ANYTHING that has to do with Fisher Price Little People sets, especially the holiday sets you can only buy from their catalog.

    I can be reached at the URL attached to my name. THANKS!!!

  27. I love the Doug and Melissa toys, they are so educational and sturdy. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  28. The Nintendo DS is the favorite toy of choice around here recently. Otherwise, it would have to be Webkinz and Hot Wheels cars. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  29. Our daughter's favorite toy is her tiny tea set. She is not quite two but already very girly.

    Super giveaway!

  30. My favorite baby gift to give is a sling or some other type of carrier. Thanks for doing the giveaway!


  31. I LOVE toys myself, but my 3 1/2 year old's favorite toy is his playmobile "mans". He also likes to dress up in costumes.

  32. My absolute favorite baby toys are the plastic links, Rng-a-Links, that link together and can hold a toy on a stroller,car seat, etc (

  33. My daughter loves crafts and art.
    zoetrope2000 at gmail dot com

  34. My son thinks Toys R Us is heaven on earth. Thanks so much!

  35. My son's favorite toy currently are his baseball glove, bat and baseball.

  36. I'd like to enter! I think I get to first.

  37. My boys are in love with small matchbox type cars. They always seem to have one in their hands at all times.

  38. Am I really the first to leave a comment? Gosh, that's never happened to me. child's favorite toy has to be anything related to music. She grooves with her moves to any genre of tunes. Did that rhyme?

  39. well she loves care bears thanks if i win i like toys are us card thanks

  40. Right now my son is quite into pushing his baby doll in his new doll stroller.

  41. My girls love Polly Pockets and Barbies most of all. As far as baby gifts go, my go-to gift for 1 or 2 year olds is Little People. I just got my 1 year old niece the Little People castle set. Little People are wonderful for little ones to learn imaginative play. With this card, I'd buy some birthday things for my two girls. I'd love to win! Thank you for the chance =)

  42. My son really likes to play with puzzles. :)

  43. my daughters really into barbie. right now her faavorite toy is her barbie island princess computer
    bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

  44. after 4 kids I don't know if I could choose just one thing!!

    I love carter's sleeper sacks for my newborn.
    Playtex sippy cups have always worked best for me
    I love Fisher Price little people toys.
    Luvs diapers are my favorite
    Dr. Seuss books
    I could go on and on!!

    julanne (dot) wilson (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. Oh I could really use that!

    My little girl loves her Garbies(Barbies).

  46. My daughter loves Polly Pockets. She could play with them for hours...and does. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

  47. My kids favorite toys are a basket of rocks! They use them for a million different things from play food (a few rocks in a toy kettle means they can make popcorn on their stove and it sounds like when mommy makes it) to game pieces to . . .things I can't even remember LOL.

  48. I love to give a swaddler as a gift and I love to receive anything from babies r us as a gift :) with a girl on the way we are starting over (after having 2 boys) so this would be fun to go buy her some new things !

  49. My current favorite baby gift is a set of BPA free bottles, with an organic onesie that has a cute design or witty comment.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!
    laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

  50. My daughters favorite toy is probably a toss up between Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop pets.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. My kids favorite toy is their scooters. they always have loved them.

  52. Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite baby gift would have to be feetie pajamas. So cute and so functional.


  53. Great prize! I'll really be lucky to win this since I'm number one! Thanks for the chance and my sons favorite toy is his Go Diego play set.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  55. I bought my best friend a pink snow suit for her brand new baby girl. It was the cutest gift ever!

  56. what a great giveaway!

  57. Yeah I'm #1 not that #1 ever gets chosen by Mr. Random. My son is all into Power Rangers Jungle Fury!

  58. My favorite baby gifts to give were always Sassy products.

  59. I could use this with Baby #2 on the way! My daughter's favorite toy right now is her Little People doll house! She plays forever with that thing! aimeecmorris(at)gmail(dot)com

  60. We just had a house fire and I have to throw out all my kid's plastic toys due to smoke and soot damage, so this would be really helpful!

    My baby's favorite toy is Little People, I think.

  61. Right now, our favorite toy is the Play Town Pirate ship :) Thanks for entering me!

  62. My daughter's favorite toy is her stuffed dog that she has had since she was a baby. :) My sister is into Webkinz-those are such a fun idea!

  63. My girls are loving the My Little Pony village/castle/etc. setup that was handed down from a friend. About 20 ponies and lots of places to play.

    Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!

  64. Right now, my daughter's favorite toy is a stuffed dragon!

  65. My kids love shape sorters, and blocks of any sort! My favorite baby give is handmade hats I make...
    Great Giveaway!

  66. My Child loves these things called Magna Tiles where you build things. They are great! Each side of magnets inside and so they can build 3-d or flat on the floor. They are super cool and I have never seen them in stores only on the net. They are produced by a company called Valtech! They rock and the kids spend hours playing with these.

  67. Well, I don't have a baby yet but I am due in July. :)My favorite baby toy would probably actually be the book "Pat the Bunny." We have that already and I can't wait to read it to our little girl. It was always my favorite when I was little and every time I read it I get nostalgic. :)

  68. We love Webkinz, Disney Cars stuff, and diapers for the baby.

  69. Hmm...favorite toy...I love the classic things like blocks, puzzles & good old crayons & coloring books.

  70. My kids like Lego and remote control cars :).

  71. Our favorite gift was the Fisher Price rainforest high chair. We would have never spent that much on a highchair, it's great, plus our almost 4 month old looooooves looking and cooing at the tray attached toy!

  72. Homemade receiving blankets make the best baby gifts!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Sign me up! ( :

    In Christ,

  73. We're due with our first in June, so MY favorite is anything that is handmade.

  74. Lego and K'Nex are the faves at my house!

  75. my fav shower gift to GIVE is a handmade sock monkey, curious george book and set of handmade hooded towels! though i still find babys and toys-r-us to be super places!

  76. My son's favorite toy at the moment would be Lego...he is absolutely captivated by it. This is a great giveaway!

    owatz(AT) telus (DOT)net

  77. What a great present! I would probably give the gift card to a couple who are expecting their first, so as to let them choose what they need the most.

    I love to give Baby Boppies as presents. I think they are a tremendous help when either breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

  78. OH! babies R Us has very nice bibs made by Bummis. I'd love to get a few, Plus we have a baby coming in a few months and have a few things we need! thanks for the opportunity.

    jes (AT) beautyfromchaos (dot) com

  79. My baby boy's favorite toy is a large stuffed doggie. He lays his head on it and says, "aaawww".
    Stephanie V.

  80. My 2 year old son's favorite toy is a stuffed dog. He chews on its nose to go to sleep. We're already on dog #3 and I need to order another one on eBay since they've stopped selling them on Amazon!

  81. My son will take any book...or video game.

    And my daughter loves all things pretend kitchen related!

  82. She loves those Carebears! And we all love toys r us!

  83. my favorite baby product is def. the boppy (since that's as far as i've gotten!) :) sjahmed(at)


  84. My favorite baby gift is a portable swing. Of course our little one isn't here yet, so who knows what I will say once he/she arrives. Thanks.

    lucycontest at

  85. My favorite baby gift for our little one expected to arrive in 5 weeks has been the Graco Snugglider. Great idea!!

  86. My twins just had their first bday and their favorite toy was the balloons.

  87. My daughter loves all things doll-related and anything Peter Pan

  88. Fav gift to get....anything on my registry!! I love to give hooded towels with the different animal heads on, frog, monkey, elephant! They are too cute!

  89. Our favorite toy is the laugh & learn door.

  90. anything princess related

  91. Legos, he lovs legos

  92. My boys love Legos and my dd loves stuffed dogs and Littlest Pet Shop.

  93. Baby Einstein DVDs are a must have-this is a great giveaway! Thanks!

  94. My mom always gives new moms (or returning moms!) a teddy bear with a washcloth as a diaper, and a gift card to somewhere like Target tucked in the "diaper," since there are sure to be things you don't get, or didn't know you needed to put on your registry.

  95. Great giveaway! Thanks for offering! I love to give crocheted baby blankets done in the nursery colors to new moms. They are usually thrilled.

  96. My baby's favorite toy these days is an activity table made by Play & Go. She pokes that thing all day. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  97. Does this even count . . .? I don't know but right now my sons' miner's flashlight and crank flashlights are their favs. I'm looking forward to reading the other comments! Thank you!

  98. My 17 month old has been carrying around baby doll for months!!!

  99. My son's favorite toy is a Classic Pooh Bear. He adores that thing and he's only 14 months old. Thanks for offering it!


  100. My son's favorite toy is no doubt his Legos! He plays with those for hours.

  101. My son's favorite toy is a stick, LOL - thanks for the giveaway!

  102. my daughter's fave toy would definitely be her stuff care bear oh and bubbles!!!

  103. My little one's favorite toys right now are her Little People. I love to listen to her talk to them. :)

  104. The 3 year olds favorite toys right now are puzzles. She loves to do floor puzzles and I'm sure she would love some new ones.

  105. Little People were my favorite and now my children's favorite
    thanks for giveaway

  106. My daughter's favorite toy is her keyboard that has all the different sound effects. She loves to pretend she's a serious musician. Thanks!

  107. My nephew LOVES trains!


    Hey, don't forget my giveaways!

  108. My son worships Thomas the Train and all his friends. I have gray hair and an empty wallet because he is seriously obsessed with all things Thomas! I mean yesterday he had to buy a Thomas fork...a fork! And it is all he eats his food with--even soup! So if I won, the gift card would totally go towards enabling my son's fixation. And it would ease my wallet a little. Thanks! :) Tina

  109. My grandson loves his work bench with tools. But he is also in love with Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine.

  110. Well I have 2 nephews and they are obsessed with the toys from the movie "Cars" especially Lightning McQueen!!

  111. Right now my sons favorite toys are his duplo blocks/legos. Thanks for the entry.

  112. Right now my boys love Thomas and all cars. With 2 birthdays coming up this gift would be very handy!

  113. My 4 year old daughter loves any type of craft, especially beads. (Her b-day is actually coming up, May 25th!) My 3 year old daughter loves riding her princess scooter. My 3 month old loves anything that plays soft music.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    prospect220 at yahoo dot com

  114. I'd love to enter!
    My 4yo's favorite toy, right now, is the Imaginarium Marble Race game. We all love it, actually. lol

    My 1 yo's favorite is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ride on car (small, inside one).

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    (btw, my giveaway is for a FRIENDS dvd)

  115. My little man is getting into crafts...So we're keeping Crayola is business!LOL! This woudl come in so handy! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  116. We are expecting baby number 4 so a GC to Babies r us would definately come in handy. Thanks!

  117. My kids favorite toys were puzzles. They loved doing jigsaw puzzles.

  118. i just got my son the "like the pros" basketball hoop and he is IN LOVE!

  119. This would go toward Little J's mini piano! What a great giveaway idea.

    Thanks so much!

    laskigal AT gmail DOT com

  120. My son LOVES anything train related. We have so many Thomas the Train things it's ridicules. My daughter, loves everything her brother does, but does love her baby dolls. Pretty stereotypical but that's just the way it is!

  121. My son is really into playing with Hot Wheels right now! I would love to win!

  122. My daughter's favorite toy is her "baby" and the "baby"'s stroller. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  123. I enjoy gifting baby blankets. Thank you.

    MLgrandma AT yahoo DOT com

  124. I don't have kids yet, but MY fave toy growing up is a tossup between the bead mazes (the wood, metal ones) and the stacking colored rings.

    I love giving baby first aid kits for shower gifts, though.

  125. My daughter's favorite toys are the pancake bears from american bear company. They each have a yellow bear, one has a pink one and the other has a hippo. They both love them so much

  126. My daughter is at the stage where she is flopping between toys and other activities as she will be 12 in a few days. but legos have always been a staple in our house, and her and her dad have collected or should I say amassed almost the entire Star Wars Lego Line! Thanks for the chance.

  127. My daughter's favorite toy is a bouncy ball. She generally plays with most of her toys, but she goes back to kicking the ball around.

  128. My son loves stuffed animals-his build a bear or webkinz. He loves going online and using the codes to 'buy' stuff for his house, too.
    Enter me, please!

  129. My daughter loves her "Learn Through Music". She has a bunch of cartridges and it's funny to listen to her sing along in the microphone and then play it back!

  130. My son is all about Matchbox cars - they're everywhere! :)

  131. Love, love, love...educational toys!

    Oh boy!!! I would love to win! Pick me, pick me, pick me…

    You can reach me at


    Check out my GIVEAWAY at

  132. My boys love anything Nerf! We've also been invaded by Hotwheels :)

    My favorite baby gift to give is The Jesus Storybook Bible...every new parent should have one!

  133. I have 11 pregnant friends right now! I would love to win the gift certificate so I can buy them the perfect thing off their registry. My favorite registry gift is the Boppy with a cute cover!

  134. My sons Love their leapster!

  135. Well, I'm expecting #1 so I don't have a personal favorite yet, but I always like to give practical things - diapers, onsies, plain old things like that for gifts :)

  136. my daughter loves baby dolls of any kind! and i like to give homemade gifts and diapers.

  137. Boy, I could put a gift like this to use easily! My daughter says her favorite toy is "animals" (as in stuffed animals). My son's favorite toy is probably the plastic toy hammer that makes noise when it hits something - he wanders the house "fixing" things. My newborn boy is too little to have a favorite toy, but he sure loves the Hotsling carrier I use!

  138. My son's favorite right now is Legos and boy they are expensive. Thanks
    sweetpea023 at gmail dot com

  139. My daughter loves to read...Books are her favorite.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.


  140. MY kids love crafts, board games, and puzzles!

  141. Trucks and cars!

  142. My son loves any kind of lego thing, even at 13, however, he's getting into Nerf, so I'd have to see what is out there!

  143. My son is 2 and he loves his "bear." He takes it everywhere! :) Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  144. My son's current favorite toy are Fisher Price Little People. I'd love to get him the house! Great giveaway!

  145. My son loves his fisher price trucks.

  146. Her favorite toys are her baby dolls. She loves them! :)

    Thanks for a great giveaway. :)

  147. My favorite baby gifts are clothes.


  148. Count me in. Kiddo loves his big blue ball :)

    I’m having FIVE GIVEAWAYS on my blogS as well. Hope you’ll stop by.

    callmeabookworm at

  149. Daughter's favs are Littlest Pet Shop toys. Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  150. My son has a little musical mower that sings when he pushes it. He loves that thing and pushes it all over the house.

  151. my 9 month old son's favorite toy is his big sister... ha! She likes everything princessy. I like to give new moms burp cloths.

    come enter my contests!

  152. my daughter's favorite is her play kitchen and food!

  153. My daughters both love their Ponyville play set with the mini My Little Ponies.

    Great giveaway!

    I could use this toward my oldest daughter's upcoming 6th birthday in June. :)

  154. I am loving all your comments! I'm getting some great ideas for my own DD's bday which is quickly approaching. Thanks for visiting!

  155. My boys (all 4 of them) love to play with matchbox cars...mainly motorcycles!

  156. I've got two boys and they love their hot wheels cars!

  157. my little 1 yr. old girl goes through phases with her favorite toys...from scraps of ribbon to a bucket of easter eggs to her see and say, she pretty much amuses herself with anything she can find!

  158. My son loves his band set. Ahhhh! The noise!

  159. ANYTHING CARS! He loves every character from the movie!

  160. What a great giveaway. Right now, my boys favorite toys are anything Pokemon. Thanks for your generosity.


  161. My kids LOVE Webkinz (and so do I). Great giveaway! Thanks, I'd love to win! And please stop by my blog to enter mine, too!

  162. My little guy is very into his walking toy. He is just learning to walk with them and is fascinated with his freedom.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  163. My kids' favorite to ys are anything that they can pretend with. Right now, it's a cash register and grocery cart. cookiecutter72 AT hotmail dot com

  164. So far I have to say LEGOS are the favorite around here!

  165. We're in the 'ville of Polly Pockets right now!

    Thank you!

    art and nature [at] juno dot com

  166. We are really into all transportation - especially cars and trains. :)

  167. My daughter loves her Webkinz Lab and all things Polly Pocket. My son loves Rescue Heroes and trains!

  168. My daughter's fave toy would have to be the fisher price toy drums that light up and play music. Thanks

  169. webkinz here!

  170. My 2 year old loves his ride-on toys and my daughter is really into Littlest Pet Shop toys right now.

  171. Webkinz for me too. Although they are so addictive. Like I need an excuse to waste time. Are these things for my kids or for me? How come I get caught up playing dicekinz and trying to win $75 virtual dollars for my child's virtual pet?

    Nice giveaway.

  172. My daughter loves her leapster.

  173. My three year old loves anything Elmo. She has the Tickle Me Elmo and loves it.


  174. Right now, my son's favorite toy is the VTech laptop my father got him for Christmas. And considering that he's only two and is actually learning his letters with it tickles the death out of me. :D

  175. fav baby gift, hmmm probably books, esp books w/ flaps like the peekaboo books, which is what my son loves right now

  176. My favorite baby gift is the Lamaze Octotunes - it's an octopus that smells like vanilla and you can squeeze it's legs to make music.

  177. Anything Barbie and anything Thomas the Train in our house :)

  178. Most anything by Melissa & Doug.

  179. My favorite baby gift is the book, "Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy" along with a few burp cloths. I like to dress them up a little bit - tie dye, sew on a ribbon, get them embroidered with baby's name... fun!

    fizzledink AT gmail DOT com

  180. We love educational toys, anything that promotes learning! Books are a big must lately along with musical toys. kristinialeanna @ yahoo . com

  181. My child's favorite toy is her tricycle or her Fisher Price doll house. The give card will come in handy with a second on the way. Thanks!

  182. I love Melissa and Doug wooden food. Thanks for the entry!

  183. My girls love Barbie and Polly Pockets. My son loves video games. My favorite toy is something quiet!LOL Please enter me!

  184. Webkinz are a favorite around here. For baby gifts, I like to give new moms books to read to their babies. A favorite is Goodnight Moon.

  185. My daughter's favorite toy is her magnadoodle!

  186. My favorite baby gift is the little lamb blanket from Red Envelope. So cute!

    Courtneyhunt71 (at) aol (dot) com

  187. Well, I don't have a favorite baby item yet. I'm pregnant with my 1st baby (it took me 8 years!) I'm just now starting to figure out what things the baby will need. & my goodness, I'm gonna need all the help I can get so a gift card would be great! Basically I need everything at this point, but I'm very excited! Thanks for the giveaway

  188. Favorite toy is what hits her at the time! Right now it seems to be books and my plastic containers!

    peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

  189. My children love Thomas the Train!

  190. A baby on the way... so I need lots to get ready! I could use almost everything!


  191. My sons favorite toy right now is me (he is only 4 months). hehe but he also likes blankets and balls to play with. katie_mmartin (at) yahoo [dot] com

  192. GREAT giveaway!

    Hey, if you have a chance, please stop by and visit my contest page too!

    my email is:
    racoo.smith at gmail dot com

    Thanks and have a lovely day!

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  194. My boys love cars and trains, if those were the only toys we had they would be perfectly happy lol.

  195. My boys love Thomas, Transformers, and Little People! My favorite gift to a new mom is a gift card to spend on themselves!


  196. My son's favorite toy right now is a Fisher Price toy cell phone.

  197. Well, my son loves LEGOS, my daughter loves princess toys, and my little "love bug" baby girl loves her hands!

    But my favorite baby toy for all my kids has been the Kids II activity flower (which I can't find anymore!!)


  198. My son loves blocks and puzzles!
    threeofakindblog at gmail

  199. My son loves all the swords and Nerf guns, and my daughter loves the Tamagotchis, she has four!

  200. My baby girl loves anything Hannah Montana right now. She even has a blond wig to play in.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway.
    Tiffany Rosson
    tiffanyannrosson AT yahoo DOT com